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Marriot Winquist
Principal, Business & Leadership Consultant and Certified Executive Coach

I am obsessed with doing great work – and to love the work you are doing.

And I believe you can find this fulfillment by being the best leader you can be, in any role you are in.

That is why I want to help you realize your BEST leadership selves at work, to excel and enjoy in delivering impactful results, and to grow and craft a career that you love.


With over 20 years in technical and business leadership, I have a healthy appreciation of the business, team, and individual dynamics around you. I understand the pressures of deadlines and decisions, the exhilaration and pride of a job well done, and the struggles and fears of things gone wrong. 

I have gone through the same and have worked with many to create their own paths towards achieving excellence on the other side of the tunnel.