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Our mission is to serve and inspire leaders to create the best impact in their lives and others.

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Secrets of the High Demand Coach

With Host Scott Ritzheimer

In this intriguing episode, Marriot Winquist, Principal Consultant at BrightTree Consulting, shares how she helps leaders take ownership of building the environment in which they can thrive.

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Go Big with Micha

With Host Micha Goebig

My guest this week is Marriot Winquist and I am excited to talk about: AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP:
Leading with Calm, Clarity, and Confidence.

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6 Tips To Increase Peer Recognition in Your Team

“True recognition demonstrates attention and appreciation amongst team members, and reinforces a culture of trust, which is one of the key foundations of high-performing teams,” adds Marriot Winquist, CEO and executive leadership coach and consultant at BrightTree Consulting LLC.


Leading to Fulfillment

With host James Laws

Can we cultivate work environments where people are able to thrive and be their best? Today’s guest says yes, but it takes intentionality. Listen in as Marriot Winquist shares how you can create more joyful and productive teams at your company today.

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