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Marriot Winquist, ACC
Principal, Business & Leadership Consultant and Certified Executive Coach

I am obsessed with doing great work – and to love the work you are doing.

And I believe you can find this fulfillment by being the best leader you can be, in any role you are in.

That is why I want to help you realize your BEST leadership selves at work, to excel and enjoy in delivering impactful results, and to grow and craft a career that you love.

❖ Experience in Technology Business and Executive Leadership

With over 20 years in technical and business leadership, I have a healthy appreciation of the business, team, and individual dynamics around you. I understand the pressures of deadlines and decisions, the exhilaration and pride of a job well done, and the struggles and fears of things gone wrong. 

I have gone through the same and have worked with many to create their own paths towards achieving excellence on the other side of the tunnel.

❖ Expertise in Executive Coaching 

In my work with numerous projects, disciplines, and teams, I have come to realize that the bright spots of my day are when I talk individually or in small groups with my team members, understanding their toughest challenges, talking through solutions, and seeing changes in people. It is most rewarding to see the inner light that comes through when people start tapping into their expertise x creativity x values.

Taking that passion, I have earned the Executive Coaching Certification at the Center for Executive Coaching, acquiring proven and effective coaching skills and techniques specifically to address business and executive leadership challenges.  I am also currently pursuing the Associate Certified Coach designation from the International Coach Federation (ICF). 

❖ Compassionate Partner

At the end of the day, I am a compassionate professional who loves seeing people shine when they do their best work.  I believe each person has the potential to be a great leader, and I am excited to work with leaders who want to continue growing, continue making great impacts, and continue [re]discovering joy @ work.

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