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Marriot is an amazing executive coach and I highly recommend her for anybody wanting to further develop their career skills.

I was fortunate enough to work with her one on one in executive coaching and have gained invaluable insight through her results driven approach. She guided me through unique obstacles with her extensive knowledge in the executive field and coaches from her experience and expertise while tackling issues from multiple perspectives. Any thought or idea I had she calmly listened and saw it through while exploring this avenue with me. If the direction was straying from the results, she would always ask the right questions that would guide me back on track.

Her tranquility is ever present which provides a supportive environment to fully explore the depths of the issues at hand. Marriot is an expert at connecting with people and her enthusiasm for positive results is just the icing on the cake. I have no doubt that any person, team, or organization would benefit greatly from what she has to offer.

This is why I strongly recommend Marriot for her executive coaching, consulting, and leadership development skills.

Papp S., International Wholesale Director and Business Analyst

I have always considered myself a devoted employee and a good worker. I am also very passionate about my work and my career. But when I trace my career path I have sort of fallen into each step, seeing a need and jumping towards it. I have struggled to see where my career will be in 5 years, or even where I want it to be, let alone how to guide my career in that direction.

Marriot doesn't tell you what she thinks you should do, she guides you toward what you want to do. I came out of our very first session together with revelations that I could turn into actions right away and started making significant strides closer to where I want my career to be. Because of her guidance, I started a series of gratitude workshops with my coworkers and enrolled in continuing education courses. In addition, she is easy to talk with, with a friendly and open demeanor. I am excited to take deliberate steps down this path, no longer just falling towards a need, but running towards what I need.

Heather M., Senior User Experience Engineer

Marriot inspired me to want to become a better leader and performer, and I learned a lot from her guidance as well as simply from the example she set.

Marriot is relentless but patient in aligning and re-aligning with business goals and program vision. She guided the team to overcome obstacles by returning to the goals we had agreed on and following them through toward a solution. By doing this she ensured that project completion resulted in real value to the business, and that work was not wasted by heading in the wrong direction.

Marriot is also an expert at adapting leadership style to account for the level of expertise and experience of the person or team performing a task. When a task was well understood with clear goals and expectations, she simply cleared the way for it to be executed. When there was something more intricate or problematic, she stepped in and helped clarify the problems and goals, asked targeted questions, and worked together with the team towards a good strategy. This gave the team confidence to move ahead quickly with well-defined projects but also provided the right level of support where support was needed.

I strongly recommend Marriot, either as a business leader or coach/mentor.

Daniel C., Specification Validation Director

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