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How to Double Your Team's Productivity in 2022

Learn the 5 pillars every leader needs to help their team thrive

What if you could lead with joy and ease?

Learn the 5 Must-Have Leadership Pillars so you can:

  • Double your team’s productivity and engagement

  • Build a safe and inclusive space for your team

  • Create extraordinary results by focusing what’s most important for you, your team, and your organization

  • Thrive with your team: in-person, remote, or hybrid

  • Most importantly, lead with joy and ease

Leave with inspired ideas and ready-to-use actions you can use immediately to transform your leadership.

Set yourself up for success in 2022.  Start now.



Marriot Winquist

CEO, Executive Leadership Coach

BrightTree Consulting

Marriot Winquist is a seasoned executive in the technology industry.  She partners with executives and rising stars in tech to become strategic high-impact business leaders.  Marriot brings a powerful blend of proven results and executive experience along with outstanding coaching and consulting skills to help her clients achieve extraordinary results.


Marriot earned her Computer Science degree at the University of British Columbia, and have over 20 years of technology and business management experience at industry leading companies such as T-Mobile USA, Raytheon Systems, and Bluetooth SIG.


Download the accompanying worksheet before you watch!

Excited to implement the 5-Pillar Team Leadership framework? Don't wait any longer.


  • Your team deserves the best YOU as a leader

  • Your peers deserves the best partner in you

  • Your family deserves the most genuine you

  • You deserve to actualize your leadership potential

Book a consult call to find out how you can apply this to your own specific leadership goals.

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