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How To Ask...

🤷‍♀️ "I just don't know what questions to ask."

I've heard this plenty of times when working with leaders who truly care about their team and want to create an inclusive, engaging culture.

It usually involves asking inviting questions that move the conversation forward, and, even more importantly, listening. Because when you ask great questions - and listen - you become a better leader.

We want to do it. It's just... sometimes difficult to find the words. And so we tend to avoid asking.

Well, as Elizabeth Bennet pointed out to Mr. Darcy in one of my favorite books, Pride and Prejudice:

“I do not play this instrument so well as I should wish to, but I have always supposed that to be my own fault because I would not take the trouble of practicing.”

Just like any leadership skill, asking inviting questions won't become easier unless you do it. And do it again. And again.

Questions like:

✳️ What would the best outcome look like?

✳️ What matters most in this situation?

✳️ What's the best way for me to support you in this?

I admit - it is sometimes hard to think of the right questions to ask.

Which is why I put together a list of 25 powerful questions from 9 common situations such as "Focus", and "Getting Perspectives", and "Barriers".

These are great prompts either for 1:1's or for team projects.

If you find these sample questions helpful, here's a FREE Download of "25 Powerful Questions for a Successful, Inclusive Culture".

And if you have questions you like to use, share them in the comments below!


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