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How you get from Good to Great

Have you read "Good to Great" by Jim Collins?

It's a business classic that I've found myself re-reading lately.

Every time I re-read this book, I take something new away.

✳️ First Who, Then What

At first read, this seems simple. Of course we want the right people on the bus. But now I also see that the more important nuance is the order of things. It’s to have the discipline and the rigor to get the right people on board FIRST, and THEN have these right people shape the vision and strategy.

✳️ Hedgehog Concept

Straightforward idea - in a complex world, identify one simple concept that your business can be best at, and do that. Simple, but not easy. Now I appreciate how difficult this is to accomplish - not only to come up with ONE focus for your business, but also to follow it with diligent execution towards that one focus across the whole organization.

✳️ Unwavering faith amid brutal facts

Brutal facts are things you learn about your company that you didn’t know or didn’t want to know. Products that aren’t selling, markets that you’re not penetrating, competitors that are gaining ground. The key here is to not to avoid them, dismiss them, or let them destroy you. Rather, to confront these brutal facts head on, with the resilience to know that you will prevail - that doing so will actually make you stronger, instead of weaker.

I find this last one especially relevant given the last two years of health, social, economical, and professional upheavals.

There are so many enduring business and leadership concepts in “Good to Great” that are still strong and relevant, even in today’s changing world. I’m enjoying revisiting them, and bringing these forth to leaders in our modern, complex, changing world of work.

If you've read "Good to Great", what stood out for you?


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