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Read-With-Me: Atomic Habits - The 4th Law - Make It Satisfying

Welcome to Read-With-Me! It’s the last video on this book as we’re finishing up Atomic Habits by James Clear. Today I cover “THE 4th LAW: MAKE IT SATISFYING” and the “Advanced Tactics” for going from Habit to Mastery.

What new leadership habits are you trying to form, and how has this book helped you in establishing them?

For me, more than anything else, this book is an inspiring (and practical) reminder that changing your behavior (and changing your life) IS achievable.

We often have so much ingrained resistance to change (“can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, “it’s too late to start”, “it’s not me”, “it’s just too hard”, “I can never do that”, “who has the time”) that we’ve convinced ourselves to stop before even starting.

This book reminds us that change is possible, that you can start small, and that starting small is actually a GOOD thing, and that it will lead to tremendous results.

Thank you so much for joining me! Next book suggestions?


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