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Root to Rise: Improve Employee Productivity

Photo by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash

While remote and hybrid work has been impacting our lives so much lately, I've found that my work with clients often come back to the basics - something that is true regardless of whether you're interacting in person or virtually.

Once the basics are clarified and grounded, then the methods of how this plays out in different work modes becomes important. But not before.

I'm a long-time yoga practitioner, and the phrase "Root to Rise" always comes to mind. You have to get grounded in the roots in order to rise up.

So, I'm putting together a "Root to Rise" series, where we tackle a leadership challenge (that usually starts like a "hybrid or remote" challenge), and come up with core foundations that are critical to success.

Let's start! The first question is:

With everyone working remotely, how can I track and improve employee productivity?

Here are 5 foundational principles:

1. Identify & understand employee motivations - What's driving them, what's important to them?

2. Identify & understand employee challenges - What's difficult for them, where do they need support?

3. Discuss with employees on fulfilling motivations & addressing challenges - How can you help employees to move forward? How to support them in challenges and concerns?

4. Set clear goals and expectations - Are you and employees aligned on what success looks like?

5. Use weekly 1:1's to engage in dialogue to progress on productivity & development - Do you have a set time weekly to address all the above issues?

Bottom Line: To improve productivity, actively engage employees on what's driving them, and what's holding them back.

What other ideas do you have for building the core foundation of employee productivity?


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